A pet's skin problems can be frustrating for both the animal and the owner, particularly when the problem leads to pruritis, or itching. [more]
Many cherry eye cases do not clear with topical treatment. An ointment should first be prescribed, though, because if there is inflammation due to infection, there is a chance the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory ingredients can cure the condition. [more]
Diarrhea is one of the more common problems associated with the digestive tract in many different species. The list of possible causes is lengthy. Without determining the underlying cause, there is seldom a cure. [more]
Weevil eggs are found in virtually all grain products, including pelleted parrot food. Weevil larvae are creatures that, after feeding on grain products, spin a cocoon from which emerges a moth. These moths lay eggs, from which the larvae emerges. [more]
Keeping the four-leggers away from your beautifully decorated branches is not easy, and some trees can eventually be whittled into a Charlie Brown-like state of sorrowfulness if you're not vigilant. [more]
Getting a pet for Christmas? Buying a holiday pet - whether a dog or cat or even a bird or tank of fish - is something that needs to be carefully considered. [more]
Lost in the holiday shuffle are usually the family critters. But holiday hazards loom, and here are some to anticipate and avoid. [more]
Here is a list of 10 "do's" to make the holiday season a special event for our four-legged friends. [more]
Doc, can't you just give him the shots and skip the exam?" While this is a question we get occasionally, it's always a disturbing question. It's akin to going to the service station and asking, "Sir, could you fill up the radiator and skip the gas?" [more]
Have you ever had such a severe case of poison oak that you couldn't stop itching? Welcome to Hammie's life. [more]
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