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Name: Riley
Type: Dog
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2002
Weight: 65
Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: Katherine


Food: Riley likes everything. even things that aren't food (i.e. paper cups, boxes, paper towel rolls, eye makeup, you name it - Riley eats it).
Toy: An Afflack duck that screams AFFLAAAACK when he bites it just right - it makes him cry. Also, a honking hedgehog, a catweasel, anything that squeaks
Person: Papa. even though Mama takes care of him, his Papa is definitely Riley's favorite person.
Trick: Riley sits. for everything. tell him to no, he sits. tell him to make pancakes, he sits. he thinks it solves all his problems


Nicknames: Puppy, Fat puppy, circus puppy, drooly puppy, wiley riley, buddy
Pet Peeves: being expected to fetch things, water of any kind (yes, he's a lab), running, air conditioning, other dogs
More: Riley is a sweetheart and we love him to death. He also is the devil incarnate, especially when he eats brand new eye cream or whole bags of cookies that his mama has just bought. He's very shy and uncertain around other people and dogs.

Riley is a sun worshipper, he would happily lay in the sun all day and roast himself, even though he is black and heats up like crazy. He loves to take car rides and will try to get in other people's cars if he's not watched. He also loves to chase bunnies and squirrels and has taken out his mama during the thrill of the chase.

Mama, Papa, and Aunt Sarah found him at the shelter 6 years ago and he was so sick. He had kennel cough and an intestinal infection. He would sneeze and send snot spraying all around him. thankfully, he is healthy now and the love of our lives!
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