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Name: Varkie
Type: Small Mammal
Breed: Other
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2009
Weight: 1
Location: Divide, CO
Owner: Zug


Food: Royal Canin Kitten 36
Toy: "Bodega" exercise wheel
Person: Zug


Nicknames: Vark
Pet Peeves: Being awakened in the daytime
More: Varkie is a 3 month old educational (non-rescue) dark cinnacot Algerian hedgehog and is one of 42 hedgehog residents at The flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog rescue, Inc., in Divide, Colorado ( Resident hedgehogs come to the rescue from all over the USA and receive a permanent home and unlimited veterinary care. Many of the residents come from states where they are illegal to possess (mostly California). One of our residents (Amy), a gray pinto hedgehog, is from Chicago. Hedgehogs that are healthy and friendly join our educational "Road Crew" where we do presentations at schools (kindergartens to veterinary medical colleges), libraries, extended care facilities, and other venues. Hedgehogs are not native to the Americas and virtually all of the pet hedgehogs here are the descendants of some 80,000 Central African and Algerian hedgehogs that were imported between 1991 and 1994. They are generally clean, usually hypoallergenic, quiet and, unlike rodents, do not have continually growing teeth and so do not need to constantly chew on things. They are the only two (out of 14) species of hedgehog that must be kept warm (above 72 degrees) because they lost their ability to hibernate. They have zany and very individualistic personalities, and many can be quite affectionate while others can be "prickebutts." Varkie is a very sweet tempered little fellow whose Mom was a Permanent Grand Champion of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA).

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