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Name: Winnie (the Pooch)
Type: Dog
Breed: Pug
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2008
Weight: 14
Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: Laura and David


Food: Frosty Paws
Toy: Monkey-Chew, Ducky-Chew, pacifiers, Snoop Boom-Box, pumpkin toy, purple stuffed mini-ball
Person: Mommy and Daddy
Trick: Sit/Fetch


Nicknames: Fuzzface, Poochie, Winnikins, Chafuzzle, Winigrad, Skinny Winnie, Smoochie
Pet Peeves: Puddles, Pit-Bulls, People that won't play fetch
More: Winnie was born in Indiana, but loves her family in Chicago. She is a proud new big sister. Winnie loves Ressie the Shi-Poo and Cooper the Puggle. She also loves the Detroit Tigers!