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Name: Spike
Type: Dog
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Gender: Male
Year Born: 1997
Weight: 9
Location: East Hartford, CT
Owner: Lori and Tom
Rescued Rest in Peace


Food: Iam's small crunchy bites
Toy: Kong wubba anything that squeeks
Person: Lori
Trick: sitting up and begging


Nicknames: snickey dog & spikey
Pet Peeves: don't touch his feet teeth or ears
More: Spike is a great dog! I got him from a customer of mine on my mail route. His owner called himself Big Jim, he asked me if something happened to him would I take Spike I said of course! One day when I went to deliver his mail his sister told me he had passed, I enquired about Spike she said they put him in a kennel, I told her Jim wanted me to have him she was thrilled no one in her family could take him. After work that day I met her at the kennel and rescued Spike. That night when my husband got home I said it,s a boy! Spike was 4 at the time now he's 12 and we have loved him ever since. Two years ago spike lost his eyesite he is an amazing dog, nothing stops him he loves to play. We got another dog Marshall {Rat Terrier} it,s amazing he takes care of Spike he is his seeing eye dog he helps him do everything. They are best friends.
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