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Name: Dunkin
Type: Dog
Breed: Brussels Griffon
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 22
Location: Berlin, CT
Owner: Rich


Food: I'll eat almost anything except grapes
Toy: I have a hundred toys! I like the ones thay still have a squeeker in it
Person: Rich
Trick: I shake hands, sit and eat the cat's food


Nicknames: "D", Dunky, Dunkin Donut, Piglet, Bozo, Bumble
Pet Peeves: Those darn cats won't play with me
More: I am a noisey one. No sleeping late with me around, I will snore, cough and snort and run around the house till you get up to play with me. I like to try to understand you when you talk to me and I will wiggle my ears and tilt my head. I am very smart and lovable . I am scruffy looking, but you will fall in love with me because I am so charming. I love to annoy the cats whenever i can and I eat their food alot too.
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