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Name: Brody
Type: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2003
Weight: 55
Location: Wallingford, CT
Owner: Patti


Food: various dry and mom's cooked chicken
Toy: stuffed baby and chews
Person: grandpa
Trick: all regular tricks and high five, bow, loves having picture taken and lounging by pool


Nicknames: handsome dan, big boy, mama's boy
Pet Peeves: having nails cut
More: Brody was rescued and was our first dog. He made us so happy, we rescued a sister for him a little over a year later, and another little brother this year. We also have 4 rescued cats, and Brody loves all his siblings. He loves walks and rides in the car.
He's a real character and really hams it up for the camera. He seems to like to dress up, and appears very serious about it. We regularly make holiday cards up for friends and relatives with the pups. They're great company.
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