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Name: Trinity
Type: Dog
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2009
Weight: 25
Location: Griswold, CT
Owner: Lisa


Food: Iams MiniChunks, roast beef
Toy: soft toys she can rip apart
Person: me, of course
Trick: jump straight in the air like Tigger


Nicknames: Trinny
Pet Peeves: sharing food
More: What's not to love about a Frenchie? Trinity is affectionate, attentive, enjoys walking on the leash briskly, has bounds of energy, and is a joy to watch as she romps in the back yard. I have never seen a Frenchy that enjoys outdoor time more than Trinity.

As most Frenchies go, she does not like to share the spotlight with others (pets). Sometimes she doesn't know her own strength so we take her to play with larger dogs in the "big dog" doggy park. She fits right in with her big dog personality. She is hearty, healthy, and rambunctious, so full of energy and strength. She also gives very gentle kisses that are so soft from her velvety lips. And those markings of hers... I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her!!

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