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Name: Andy
Type: Bird
Breed: Cockatoo
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2001
Weight: 1
Location: South Glastonbury, CT
Owner: Mary Angel


Food: pellets, eggs, various fruits, nuts
Toy: he loves pasta and plays with them as toys, paper and rope toys, wood
Trick: He takes pasta.feathers and trys to do a feather transplant he also loves to dance to latin music and his videos are on You Tube


Nicknames: Andy, Dandy
Pet Peeves: He wants to be fed baby food when the girls are being spoon fed.....So, three cockatoos being spoon fed at once.
More: Well Andy was in a home and they were getting rid of him, he was so very badly .He was also sick with Asper a bird disease that could kill him, and I was the 1st to identify it. He was naked except for his crest feathers and a friend with no bird experience wanted to rescue him. But she was moving soon so I was be his foster mom for a brief period taking care of him and his medical condition After 9 months he had improved and I decided to keep him with the owners permissionas he had become too attached to break him away from my home. The main photo is after 2 months, and those white dots are down coming in...He looked worse when I got him really featherless and very thin and wheezing. This photo was after a hand feeding.

Andy is now a very verbal, dancing, singing happy cockatoo. he has many videos on You Tube and it's hard to believe thay he has survived so very much...... he is a love and I love him.