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Name: Duchess Sasha of AudenWood
Type: Dog
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2004
Weight: 82
Location: micanopy, FL
Owner: Annie


Food: pedigree and dog bisquits
Toy: bleached cow bone stuffed with dog bisquit to keep me busy when my mommie is away
Person: my mommie!
Trick: high 10, come and sit and stay and go to bed--


Nicknames: "Tata", Doodle Poodle, Princess, all silly names my momie calls me-- I come to them all and then some!
Pet Peeves: hot summer weather, my bed straighened by my mommie,
More: Sasha is a tall black and tan Doberman Pincher-- that I resuced and adopted when she was only 3;she was abused and starved( about 46 pounds when I first got her) and un- responsive and it took her months to feel loved and adjusted in my home-- she was into food at all times one typical trait of a dog that has been abandoned or abused. She is devoted and loving and faithful, playful, loves to sleep and chase squirrles because she thinks that she is defending her mommie's estate, AUDENWOOD. She loves her new home and her two beds that mommie keeps very clean. Although she
hates getting her monthly shower afterward she feels so clean and refeshed she sleeps for hours. She loves to be on mommie's bed snuggling with mommie and mommie's pillows, but only when she is allowed or invited. She loves food time and going to the dump/ riding in mom's car anywhere-- looking for the horses that are eating grass or the grey squirrles that run along the top board of a fence. Sahsa is a delight and a loyal companion to me in my solitary life here in the isolated woods of Florida.
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