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Name: Brendan
Type: Dog
Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2005
Weight: 65
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Kathy


Food: Dogfood: California Natural / People food: Cheese, meat, ice cream
Toy: Any new squeeky toy
Person: Mom
Trick: Spinning


Nicknames: BrenBren
Pet Peeves: Staying home for too long. The basement. When his sister doesn't feel like playing.
More: Adopted at 2, Brendan is a smart, secure, patient dog. He rarely barks, and loves people, other dogs and cats. The only things he chases are rabbits and chipmunks. He likes to watch the deer in the yard, watch fireworks, and chew up kleenex or any other paper product he can steal from your hand. But his favorite thing is going out, especially somewhere with lots of people. Pirate games, the park, the vets office, dog events, or just to Dairy Queen. In the two years I've had him he has yet to set foot in the basement. A bad memory from a former home I guess. Hopefully a tornado will never come! He also likes to play with his sister and be chased. He is frequently mistaken for a girl, I guess because he is pink and white. He's a wonderful addition to the household, and I adore him. There are great pets out there for ADOPTION!
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