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Name: Marley
Type: Dog
Breed: Pug
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2008
Weight: 10
Location: sharon, PA
Owner: pat & marci


Food: rigatoni, steak, and pepperoni
Toy: tennis ball
Person: mom and dad
Trick: being funny!


Nicknames: Smalls
Pet Peeves: Waking up in the morning, heat
More: Marley loves sleeping in the bed with her mom and dad. She loves running in the park and going on walks. Marley also enjoyed watching the Pens win the Stanley Cup and the Steelers winning the Super Bowl! Mom and dad take her everywhere. She is going to pup night at PNC Park this summer and going to Surf City, NC to swim in the ocean with her mom and walk on the beach with dad. She is the happiest pooch and we love her!!
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