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Name: Tawney
Type: Dog
Breed: Collie
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2003
Weight: 59
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Fay


Food: Eukanuba
Toy: Frizbee
Trick: Sits up on his two hind legs to beg


Nicknames: Tawn Tawn II
More: Loves to give kisses to everyone he sees on his daily walks - including our mailman who stops his truck, gets out and bends down so Tawney can give him kisses. Also knows various houses in the neighborhood who will give him treats. Will go to the person's door, wait for their dog to bark so their owner knows to answer the door. Tawney and his 3 yr old sister Kelly will sit and wait to get their treat. Then Tawney gives his kisses (his way of saying thank you for the treat) before leaving.
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