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Name: Popsi Malone
Type: Dog
Breed: Pug
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 15
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Angela


Food: Popsicles and strawberries
Toy: harry the hampster and hello kitty
Person: Angie and Patti
Trick: high five


Nicknames: Bubba and bubbaloo
Pet Peeves: Nothing, she is the happiest dog since odie!
More: Two years ago on June 28 2007 my father lost his battle with Luekemia. I took my dad into my home and took care of him till his last days. The day after my father past I asked my mom to take me out to the pet store to just pet the puppies. As soon as I walked in the door, there was a tiny little bug-eyed puggy looking back at me! I always wanted a pug since I was younger, but this seemed to be the right time! I took this little pug into the room where you can play with and pet the puppies, and she ran right up to me and started licking me to death! She had the craziest eyes I had ever seen on a pug, and they can be pretty crazy! She was the one. My mom made me take a walk and think about it, so I walked a few steps away from the pet store and turned around. I couldn't bare to think of her going home with anyone else. No matter what I had to pay for her, I was taking her home. So I did! I used to call my dad "POPS" so that is where she got her name "POPSI"
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