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Name: Captain
Type: Dog
Breed: Peekapoo
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2009
Weight: 5
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Renee


Food: Treats of any kind
Toy: Dingo bones and socks
Person: Mommy and Daddy
Trick: Freeze!


Nicknames: Captain Wet Beard! Ay, matey!
More: Legend has it that Captain was once a young skipper on a rickety old pirate ship in search of his booty. One salty day (unable to find Dingo bones in any of his treasure) he cried MUTINY! - and went to live with his mommy and daddy in Pittsburgh, Pa. - as they were far more generous with the coveted Dingo. When El Capitan washes down the Dingo with his favorite rum swizzle, it gets all over his face - prompting many of the sea's greatest privateers to refer to him strictly as CAPTAIN WET BEARD.
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