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Name: OREO and Starr
Type: Dog
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2000
Weight: 50
Location: Uniontown, PA
Owner: Donna


Food: Treats Marro bones
Toy: Baby
Person: Donna


Nicknames: Oreo and Starr Vorrasi
More: Starr was rescued the day after our 14 year old border died(Angel), someone tossed her out of a car window and she had 6 pins in her leg she was 12 weeks old. Miss Oreo rescued(1 month after Starr) from New York Border Collie rescue (age 4 years) she is a Super SMARTIE ....because her family who took good care of her could not spend enough time with her for she was locked up all day long and put into a rescue.