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Name: Layla
Type: Dog
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 65
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Alicia


Food: Anything... Including non-edible items.
Toy: Frog Squeaky Toy
Person: Me! Mama.
Trick: Hopping over her Rottie sister!


Nicknames: Layla Bug, Bug, Buggy, Bug Bug, Buggy Boodle, Bugzilla, etc.
Pet Peeves: Blowing in her face, and getting stuck in the crate everytime mom and dad leave.
More: Layla was found wandering the streets and was taken in by Animal Friends. She has a couple of scars on her and looks to have had puppies when she was under one year of age. The terrible things that some people say about Pitbulls have proven untrue, especially to me. I adopted Layla in April 2009 and she is the most friendly, loveable, and cuddly dog I've ever had. I love my Buggy!