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Name: Benedict
Type: Dog
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2003
Location: Greensburg, PA
Owner: Bayley


Food: everything
Toy: everything especially stuffed ones
Person: anyone who gives him attention
Trick: knows multiple tricks like sit, stay, paw, right paw, left paw, roll over, lay down, and play dead


Nicknames: Ben, Bene, Benji
More: He is very smart, and very affectionate with people. It takes him a while to warm up to people, but ones he does he is your best friend. He is named after the pope, and his real name is Benedict. We got him soon after Pope Benedict XV was elected, and he has white fur, and brown eyes like the pope. He crosses his paws like he is praying. He was our neighbor's daughter's dog, and was a stray. He's mixed with a West Highland Terrier, and many other breeds. He's the ultimate Steeler's fan, and is rooting for them to win the Superbowl!!!