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Name: Koko
Type: Dog
Breed: Akita
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2006
Weight: 115
Location: Plum, PA
Owner: Judi


Food: premium lamb
Toy: squeaky frog
Person: Judi
Trick: Flipping frog into air and catching it


Nicknames: Heart O' Fyre, Kokoro, Kokobean
Pet Peeves: thistles in my tail
More: One is my Master, the other my Mistress; and yet I still am the Shepherd - KoKo

I, Kokoro, 'Heart O' Fyre' am an American Akita from Regailia Farms, Titusville, PA

Akita loyalty & devotion is phenomenal; my purpose is to be with & protect with affection & intelligence - I have socialized well with my cat neighbors & dog park friends; however, fuzzy stuffed critters have experienced my well developed prey drive and ended up in my toy basket! - Koko

p.s. the above does not apply to the skunk family nearby :(