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Name: Sophie
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2006
Weight: 14
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Jamie


Food: Purina Healthful Life
Toy: cat nip stuffed "squirrel" that she thinks is her baby
Person: only me
Trick: paper shredder; toilet paper and cardboard


Nicknames: Sophie Mia
Pet Peeves: when I'm half asleep in the morning and reach for the toilet paper.... and its shredded
More: Sophie is a strong, loving girl and built like a sack of sand. If I leave my house by the FRONT door she cries at me like she does not want me to go. I adopted her and her cage mate, Max, from the Western PA Humane Society in Feb 2008. It has taken a year but she now shows me her "softer" and more loving side. She takes care of my other cat Max by grooming him.