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Name: Cody'girl
Type: Cat
Breed: Other
Gender: Female
Year Born: 1992
Weight: 5
Location: Oshkosh, WI
Owner: Lori Meitzen
Rest in Peace


Food: most anything suits her fancy
Toy: Me:)
Person: Me:)
Trick: How she talks to me and fills my heart with joy


Nicknames: Gramma's Pretty Girl
Pet Peeves: not getting enuff petting
More: I sadly and unexpectadly lost my dearly loved (((((((((Cody'girl)))))) on Sept 16, 2009. Cody was my grand'cat that came to live with me several yrs ago when my daughter lost her home. Cody and I shared a very special bond that is hard to actually describe, we often communicated with eye contact. The LOOK of pure LOVE in her eyes as she would gaze at me was so very speical. Cody filled my heart with such love and losing her broke and shattered my heart. Even tho she was 17 yrs old she showed no signs of illness and still ran thru the house like a kitten. It was so very unexpected. I miss my girl soooooooooo much, especially at bedtime as that was our "special time" to "talk" and be together. I miss the sound of her soft purrs, the feel of her soft fur, and how vocal she was in expressing herself. I will never stop missing or loving my sweet ((((((((Cody'girl)))))) and the joy she filled my heart with. Her soul, her spirit, will live on within my heart forever and ever. ILY Cody xoxox

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