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Name: Ruckess
Type: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2016
Weight: 95
Location: Depew, NY
Owner: Katelyn


Pet Peeves: Barking at everything/aggression towards other dogs
More: He is pure black and red AKC papers, Male, But has some serious behavioral issues. Needs someone who can focus on him as I have 2 small kids and don’t have the time to give him he deserves more. He is very anxious and bored I have a small house. He needs room. Country would be great. He is potty trained. Great with my 3 year old and my 9 month old. Major aggression towards other dogs. I would not recommend a home with another dog. He came from and abusive home he was emaciated when I rescued him. I want nothing but the best for him but he needs to go ASAP as he’s become a problem I don’t have the time or resources to train him. But I don’t want to send him to a spca as they’d probably euthanize him because if his behavioral issues. Please be aware he does bark and get defensive when people come to our door but usually after they come in he’s fine. He also gets aggressive when someone try’s to leave the house which I don’t understand. He cannot be walked as he just pulls barks and freaks out at everything. I think with proper training he could be fixed. But it will take work. Up to date with all shots/flea medication/etc, he is currently on trazodone (vet prescribed)for his anxiety it doesn’t seem to be working yet but takes a bit to kick in it may help with his behavior in time. Please someone give this dog a chance he can be very loving and sweet. Small rehoming.