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Name: Yoda Marie
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Female
Year Born: 1999
Weight: 8
Location: Hampton 23664, VA
Owner: Judie


Food: chicken, turkey, snacks
Toy: chasing DaKota
Person: Mommies girl
Trick: cuddling with mommy when I can find a space around the other 3 cats!


Nicknames: Princess FuFu Kitty
Pet Peeves: someone stealing her time with mommy
More: I found Yoda under a building where I worked when she and her brothers (2) were about 3 days old (I just happened to hear them crying and followed the mews). They were so small I carried them around in my bra to keep them warm (yes, at work---people just thought I pretty crazy, but I had no one else to care for them). I found good homes for her brothers when they were about 6 weeks old. I kept Yoda because she was black, and because she had such a great personality....she was also mommy's girl.

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