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Name: Billy Bob
Type: Dog
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2006
Weight: 80
Location: Victorville, CA
Owner: Denise


Food: Chicken
Toy: squeaky ball
Person: Johnny Pecora


Nicknames: Billy
Pet Peeves: Sharing treats with the other dog
More: Billy, a cream colored Lab Retriever, was wondering around our neighborhood when we were out walking one day and he started following us. He kept staying outside our front door when we went in. He looked extremely skinny and undernourished. I told my son, Johnny, that someone would probably be missing him and that we should leave him outside. That night my son felt sorry for Billy and sneaked him into his bedroom for the night. The next day we took Billy to the Animal Shelter to see if his owners would come and get him. We cried when we said Goodbye to him, as he looked out at us through the bars of the cage. A few weeks later the Shelter called us and we went over to see Billy. He looked very ill. We adopted him and immediately he had a vet check up. The vet said that Billy probably wouldn't live very long and would need to be on a drip at a hospital but might not survive anyway. He suggested we adopt a different dog, but we decided to get Billy an antibiotic and take him home with us. Johnny fed Billy Pedialite and stomach medicine around the clock, which was all that Billy could hold down. He was a nervous and fearful dog, almost as if he had been abused and just left in a back yard by himself all the ti. Gradually he was able to drink water and then eat a little chicken and brown rice, and started to show improvement. Today Billy is a healthy and active dog, who sleeps beside my son's bed every night and loves to have long desert runs with his sister, Sydney!

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