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Labrador Retriever


Name: Casey
Type: Dog
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Year Born: 1999
Weight: 135
Location: Fairport, NY
Owner: Ben, Shirley, Lori & Lisa


Food: italian, chicken, meat, fruit
Toy: any stuffed animals
Person: my Daddy, Mommy, and sissys
Trick: I am so smart I know over 300 words and believe I am human


Nicknames: Casey Boo, Casedia, Chachi and Baby Boy
Pet Peeves: Dog owners who leave their pet's presents behind for my family to step in.
More: Casey is a very loving dog who truly believes he is human. He knows hundreds of words and commands. Also, Casey is extremely vocal and communicates to his family all the time.

Casey enjoys time with his family and loves all foods including fruits. When Casey isn't with his family, you will find him walking the neighborhood, playing with his toys, sunning himself, shopping for his favorite foods and playing in the leaves or water.

Due to his severe allergies, he loves to rub against the bushes to alleviate the itching.

He is a gentle giant and a great dog who protects his loved ones.
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