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Name: Nico
Type: Dog
Breed: Pug
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2003
Weight: 30
Location: Fairport, NY
Owner: Lisa L.


Food: meatballs, chicken, pasta with sauce
Toy: Jax from Aunt Sue
Person: Mommy, Nana, Sissy, Daddy, Casey & his pug brother Beanie
Trick: he can speak and say "I want more"


Nicknames: Nico Nee, Nico Charles
Pet Peeves: bluebirds that bother my friends the squirrels, the hawk that tries to come pick me up & take me away
More: Nico is a very loving pug who enjoys spending time with his family (human and other small dog friends). He loves his brother, Beanie, and his housemate, Casey (our choc. lab). He enjoys visiting his cousins, Buddy (beagle) and Cooper (american samoa) who live in Franklin, TN and his best friend Ozzy (boston terrier) who lives in Fairport NY.
When Nico isn't with his family and friends, you can find him walking the neighborhood, going to meetups with the Rochester Small Dog Group and Western NY Pug Group.. Shout out to WNY Pug Group Pals,especially Aunt Gail, Aunt Linda, Aunt Deb & Aunt Lynn & Manny and Aunt Tara.
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