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Name: Marshall
Type: Dog
Breed: Rat Terrier
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2005
Weight: 29
Location: East Hartford, CT
Owner: Lori and Tom


Food: small crunchy bites
Toy: stuffed toys
Person: Grandpa
Trick: getting squeekers out of toys loves to shake hands


Nicknames: Marty
Pet Peeves: squirrel's and chipmunk's in his yard
More: Marshall is a great dog. We got him in Mass. We never had a terrier he's a challenge to train. We have another dog Spike a min-pin that lost his eyesite 2 years ago. Marshall is amazing with him. All we have to say is go get Spikey he runs outside next to Spike and Spike follows him back inside, he hears his tags on his collar. Our yard is fenced but sometimes Spike forgets where he is. Marshall really takes care of him. We love them both
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