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Name: Ryley
Type: Dog
Breed: Maltipoo
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2010
Weight: 9
Location: Wethersfield, CT
Owner: Cathy


Food: chicken
Toy: his stuffed moose
Person: All 3 of us
Trick: walking on hind legs


Pet Peeves: Going to get groomed
More: Ryley is our first small dog after having had 3 large dogs. He has such a terrific personality. Ryley thinks he's a Great Dane ansd not a Maltipoo! He's afraid of nothing. Ryley loves the car and travels well. He gets so excited to see the Tata's, Debbie, Shirley, Marie and Terran.
Ryley's favorite dog is Toby who lives arouond the corner. He comes to visit with Bella and Maddie and the 4 of them have a great time.
Ryley is still a chewer which we're working on. He also dislikes going to the "fur stylist" who is very nice to him. We're trying hard to get him to calm down when he goes to see Lynn but have not been successful yet.
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