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Name: Parker
Type: Dog
Breed: Papillon
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2005
Weight: 16
Location: Coventry, CT
Owner: Ray


Food: Pro Plan
Toy: any
Person: wife
Trick: playing


Nicknames: Park-Park
Pet Peeves: none
More: Parker is very dear to us. He is such a good boy. He loves us so much. He loves to snuggle and has to have human contact. He is BIG for the breed, over 15 pounds, but is a papered Papp. We had a new addition to our family, another puppy Papp. and he seems to have taken over the mother role with him. The puppy is always after him, biting and jumping on him and Parker just takes it. I think he enjoys it? All 3 do play well together. Our female, Sweety, does try to avoid the puppy, but will play when she has had enough of watching the other two. It is like a circus around here.
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