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Name: Brandi
Type: Cat
Breed: Siamese
Gender: Male
Year Born: 1995
Weight: 14
Location: Ashford, CT
Owner: Yvonne


Food: ice cream
Toy: mice (real ones)
Person: Me
Trick: He'll wait in the doorway until I give him permission to come into the room, He goes nite-nite when told.


Nicknames: Love-Muffin
Pet Peeves: He's 'in & out' constantly. He comes into the house to use the catbox and stops to have a 'nash' before crying to go back out.
More: Brandi came to my door the first Sunday in October of 2000. No tags, no announcements/posters in the town paper to indicate he was missing so after 90 days, I claimed this beauty as my own. The local Vet concluded he was 4-5 yrs. old (by his teeth). Because of his striking dark markings, I named him after the conyak Brandy. He is the smartest, most effectionate, well-mannered, loyal roommate a person could ever ask for. He is truly 'my baby boy'. Because I don't know how much time we have left together, I'm trying to capture as many good, clear pictures of that beautiful face as I can. Enjoy
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