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Mixed Breed


Name: Rosie
Type: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2005
Weight: 46
Location: Wallingford, CT
Owner: Patti


Food: various dry and mom's cooked chicken
Toy: chew and stuffed rabbit
Person: mom
Trick: stealing all other household animal's food


Nicknames: pretty girl, rosie posie
Pet Peeves: being left alone
More: Rosie was adopted after her brother was adopted, and they're never apart. They love each other. They now have a new little brother, Peanut.
Unfortunately, she had to have eye surgery a couple years after we got her. We recently found out the surgery was unsuccessful, and poor Rosie lost her eye anyway. We've had an implant placed in her left eye. Although we were devastated, she has adapted quite well as she must have been blind in that eye for some time. I'm just grateful that we rescued her and were able to afford the very expensive surgeries. She might have been put down in another environment. All pooches are great company for us along with our 3 other adopted feline friends.
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