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Name: Buster
Type: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2004
Weight: 30
Location: Clinton, CT
Owner: Sandy


Toy: stuffed animals
Person: his mom


Pet Peeves: Storms, water, flies and wet feet
More: Buster is a Hurricane Katrina rescue, about 5 years old, brought to CT. by SPCA of CT in Monroe in 2006. He'd been in a shelter in Georgia for almost a year. He was so frightened of people and other dogs, even tiny ones, we knew he had been attacked at some time because of the scares on his face and all 4 legs, that when they brought him out of his cage, he coward, he rolled on his back in submission and shook. We lost our dog of 17 years and needed to fill the void in our hearts. It's taken 3 years to restore his confidence, but now he can't wait to go for walks to see the other dogs, no matter what size. People that knew him when we first adopted him can't believe the transformation. Even our cat accepted him the first day by rubbing against him and purring when we brought him home, which is rare for a cat. He is the love of all our lives.
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