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Name: Willow
Type: Dog
Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Female
Year Born: 1998
Weight: 60
Location: Hartford, CT
Owner: Nancy
Rest in Peace


Food: When Willow died recently, I had a hard time removing her food bowls, so I drew them first. See attached.
Toy: tossed snowballs into the air
Person: she loved everyone
Trick: she always knew where squirrels were hiding


Nicknames: due to our years in Barcelona, she understood commands in Spanish and Catalan better than ones in English
Pet Peeves: none
More: After a happy puppyhood in NW CT, Willow and I moved to Barcelona, Spain, when she was a year old. We lived there for three years. Willow introduced the city and its wonderful people to me through our long walks and play times in the city's many dog parks. She loved watching men and women dance the silent "sardana" dances on Sunday in front of the city's main cathedral. She also loved the bits of bocadillas (sandwiches) dropped on the sidewalk by the nursery school children in our neighborhood. She loved sitting at our local outdoor café with me while I had a cortado (coffee), she loved her long runs up on the old Roman water road high above the city, the Carretera de las Aïgues, and she loved to go to the plaza to cheer the FC Barcelona futbol team after a win. She loved the Barcelona street cats so much that when we moved to New Hampshire we rescued a cat who she just loved. While there she had long runs in the woods and fields and loved to leap to catch a tossed snowball in her mouth. Most of all, in her last years, she loved Elizabeth Park here in Hartford and all the friends she met there.

At two weeks shy of her 13th birthday she died. She is now resting up in the sky after a lifetime of giving joy and smiles to everyone who met her.

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