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Type: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2001
Weight: 35
Location: Newington, CT
Owner: Marilyn


Food: Vegetarian because of skin issues
Toy: anything that squeaks
Person: Her Human--Marilyn
Trick: can open 2 doors to get back into the house. Usually walks under all the dogs in her pack because they are all twice her size


Nicknames: "Meanie"
Pet Peeves: she hates the cold but hates anything you put on her to keep her warm more!
More: She was one day from being put down and with untreated kennel cough.She was looking up from her pen and "Pleading for me to take her home and naming her" so I did and named her NAMEE. It took her 2 weeks to eat and drink and thrive. She initially had dog aggression issues but thanks to Cesar Milan techniques she now enjoys her life so much more fully and so do her Humans! She is extremely smart and wish I got her as a puppy but she has done well with the basic obedience training.