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Name: Kniko Blue
Type: Dog
Breed: Samoyed
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2008
Weight: 55
Location: Northhampton, MA
Owner: Ellen and Mark


Food: Purina Puppy
Toy: All my toys
Person: Mom
Trick: Sit,paws,rollover,fetch and retrieves the newspaper every morning.


Nicknames: Putty
Pet Peeves: picky about his treats
More: Kniko is a wonderful dog. We are so lucky to have gotten him when we did. He was born to 2 Champion Samoyeds who are as beautiful as he is. His brothers and sisters are just as perfect. He enjoys going for his daily 2-3 mile walk depending on the weather.When he's not out playing with his friend Dusty,he loves to watch out the front window of the house at the neighborhood. He has made many friends dog and human on our walks. Somedays are walks are longer then others because we stop to visit all his friends on the way. He is a very happy dog and he loves children.He loves to go in his pool in the back yard after his walks to cool down.In the winter he loves being out in the snow digging and burying himself.We are really enjoying our new puppy.