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Name: Sun Bear
Type: Bird
Breed: Cockatoo
Gender: Male
Year Born: 1995
Weight: 2
Location: South Glastonbury, , CT
Owner: Mary Angel


Food: babyfood mixed with oats, blueberries, pasta, hamburgers, chicken, blueberries, cherries, corn on the cob, ice cream
Toy: He loves big pieces of wood to chew, he loves rope toys and pooh bear he loves plastic rings and anything to do with airplanes....
Trick: He speaks words in 3 languages not including cockatoo he dances, sings, and tells you when he has to do his poopie, flirts with women and blows kisses


Nicknames: Pooh Bear
Pet Peeves: Well he likes to go in the car and be by the window....he likes to go on people and does not like being told, "NO"
More: Well Sun Bear is amazing...His verbal and body language amazes everyone. He has done alot of volunteer work, tells kids to say, NO to drugs, has visited nursing homes, schools and other agencies. He is a ham, a love and he is the biggest flirt. His voice has a variety of range and he just loves posing for pictures and being the center of attention. He can hear an airplanes 5 seconds before the human ear does and he will spread his wings, bank them, raise his crest poionting and telling you to look there is an airplane.....

He loves pooh bear and loves to call his friends by that name as well.....He sings, dances and counts........He loves to travel in the car waving as he passes by other cars. He has been on Tv, radio and likes to go to drive up windows nd order his coffee and food......
he loves money too and will try to take it away from you if he sees it, LOL