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Name: Sage AKA The Medicine Woman and The Meyers Police
Type: Bird
Breed: Other
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2001
Location: South Glastonbury, CT
Owner: Mary Angel


Food: Pellets, corn on the cob, cherries, blueberries strawberries
Toy: stuffed animitated animals that she gets on and rides to the music
Trick: She loves going for rides in the cars, riding on other pets real or stuffed and flirting with men, she does a dance and whistles to get their attentio


Nicknames: The medicine woman also The Meyers Police officer as she is a Meyers parrot
Pet Peeves: Not being able to be in Casper-La's cage all the time...
More: Sage is a meyers parot and she is just a doll. She shares her roon with an Umbrella Cockatoo and a ringneck bird as well as her house with a total of 8 cockatoos.

Sage did go by another name when I got her. She had been 1st stolen from a pet store, found 1 year later and then I found her in a cage, and she looked lifeless. She was actually being sold and was very depressed. She came to me and it was love at 1st sight.

She is fiece afraid of nothing and LOVES ATTENTION & MEN. She actually co hosted my public access TV show (she worked for peanuts, LOL
She has numerous videos on You Tube with her stuffed animated musical friends....

Sage loves to go shopping with her friend Casper-La and they make the rounds in local pet stores shopping for toys.