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Name: Miss Pretty
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Female
Year Born: 1995
Weight: 10
Location: Wallingford, CT
Owner: Patti


Food: max cat, friskies, and fancy feast
Toy: wand with metallic streamers, waterfall
Person: mom
Trick: sticks her head in a portable waterfall to get her drinking water, but requires us to put on "bird sounds"!


Nicknames: pretty
Pet Peeves: claws clipped
More: Miss Pretty was a stray, and we rescued her and another kitty, Buster, at the same time in 2000. Poor babies were outside in the middle of winter. We lived across from a barn and people would dump cats off from time to time. Most times, we rescued them or found homes for them. These two kitties looked very similar, like maine coon cats, so it might be possible they were a mix. They loved to play together. Buster died only a couple of years later from a blood clot. He had a heart condition. We were heart-broken. Miss Pretty is starting to have health issues at her age, but we do all we can for her and she loves her other kitty and dog siblings.