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Name: Kichi Kiana
Type: Cat
Breed: Siamese
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2008
Weight: 9
Location: South Glastonbury, , CT
Owner: Mary Angel


Food: Dry & Moist food, treats
Toy: Balls, toy mice and ribbion, clothes pins
Trick: She loves to leap in the air, she also likes to jump on top of the bird cages


Nicknames: Kichi-Kichi-Koo
Pet Peeves: Not being allowed into the bird's rooms when I am not home...Likes to roam the entire house, and she does try to sneak outside when you open the door
More: Kichi Kiana is an adorable little girl, but she is very independent. She is more like a tom cat.......she likes when her brother has visited to the house as she plays very hard with him.......

She is a love andCasper-La loves her, but one of my other bird loves to chase her.....