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Name: Attila Verrett
Type: Dog
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2010
Weight: 9
Location: Houma, Louisiana, LA
Owner: Jeremiah & Lauren Verrett


Food: Beneful
Toy: Anything that squeeks or makes noise!
Person: His Mommy (Lauren)
Trick: Sit, Stay, Fetch, Dance


Pet Peeves: Attila hates the vaccum!
More: Attila is a very friendly pomeranian. He is extremely ACTIVE & FULL of PERSONALITY!! He loves meeting new people & gets excited when he has company over. He loves to play with other animals including cats. His best friend is the neighbor's cat. Everytime the cat hears our door open, he knows his friend Attila is coming outside so he runs right over to play. There is never a dull moment for anyone when Attila is around...

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