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Name: Blake Marie Cerasuolo
Type: Dog
Breed: Collie
Gender: Female
Year Born: 1998
Weight: 70
Location: Miami, FL
Owner: Ron


Person: Joy Goldman Cerasuolo
Trick: Shovel


More: Devoted Mommy Dog to both Cooper and Hailey, her children. Reunited with both her birth son and daughter more than 10 years ago. Blake Marie, had been taking care of her 2 pups with a level of loyalty and self sacrifice never before witnessed by myself or my wife Joy. She was a world champion, and had a level of intelligence that rivaled Lassie. She was able to do a trick with her nose with her Dad-O's arm that was truly amazing: she was able to shovel his arm back and forth, lifting it with her nose, back and fourth like a game of tennis. She was the greatest Mommy Collie ever! You beter not shout, You better not bite, You better not potty on the floor tonight, Santa Dog is Coming to Town, was her favorite holiday song. Her Mother and Father and her 2 Pups, Cooper Montgomery and Hailey Ann will miss her forever and ever....

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