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Name: Ollie
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 19
Location: Athens, GA
Owner: Melinda


Food: Not picky
Toy: Various toy mousies, his brother's toy Tiger Tail and the laser pointer
Person: Mommy and his Nina


Nicknames: Ollie Bear, Sambo
More: Ollie came to live with me about 2 months ago when his elderly daddy (my uncle) became very ill and could no longer take care of himself or Ollie. He is 2 years old and still has kitten brain. He aggravates his brother Emo every chance he gets and they are not allowed to be together unsupervised, it's a work in progress. The hummingbirds outside offer endless entertainment for him, he chirps, chatters and violently swishes his tail. Ollie is a very sweet smart boy that loves to prune houseplants when no one is looking. He is well adjusted and adaptable and LOVES to have has belly rubbed, he would let you do it all day. He has a loud "motor" and loves to be with people. He is a wonderful addition to the family and each day we learn new things about him.

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