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Name: Heimdall
Type: Dog
Breed: Great Dane
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2000
Weight: 180
Location: Boulder, CO
Owner: Meg and Joel Wittenmyer


Food: Premium
Toy: His ball
Person: Meg and Joel
Trick: His unconditional love


More: The late and much loved Heimdall was a very special dog and was the 2009 winner of the Favorite Pet Story “Heimdall was very special and not just because of his hearing disability. Meg and Joel Wittenmyer are members of the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. Heimdall was to be just a temporary foster for the Wittenmyer family. But there was an upper respiratory infection progressed to a non responsive pneumonia. The bacteria mutated each time the veterinarian tried a new antibiotic. According to Meg, “We would have done anything to get Heimdall the treatment he needed and having insurance meant not having to take out a second mortgage or even selling our house, but more importantly, gave us many extra months with our beautiful baby boy, which really is priceless. It's just that simple.”
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