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Name: bebopbaby
Type: Dog
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 12
Location: Dale City, VA
Owner: James and nan


Food: Little Cesars, Any type of seafood. Lots of treats.
Toy: Squeaker toys and anything long that he can swing around.
Person: His two legged Mommy & Daddy
Trick: Brings his toys to you and gets them when you throw them for him.


Nicknames: Beboppper
Pet Peeves: Does not like to be left alone or go outside when it raining.
More: We think that our beloved Bebop was definitely a gift from God.
Our Red Min Pin "Prancer" had been very sick when Bebopper showed up in our yard. He looked exactly like our Prancer with one exception, he was skin & bones & seemed very frightened. He wouldn't come anywhere near me when I put out food & water for him so I put it further out into the yard. He then went right to it but didn't take his eyes off of me the whole time while he ate. I kept talking to him to get him to come to me but it was a no go. Much to my dismay he went trotting off down the sidewalk. I followed him while talking to him but he would have nothing to do with me so I turned & went home. A little later I heard Prancer barking outside so I went to check and there was Bebopper out at the fence. I went down hoping to entice him in to play with Prancer, it worked. To make a long story short our Prancer passed away the following week just one month after losing our Boston Terrier we were just devastated. After three weeks of checking with the pounds & vets in the area to find his parents to no avail we took him to our vet for a check over. They found a chip in his ear but after checking it out found no one registered it. No one ever claimed our precious "BebopBaby" that reminds us so much of our beloved Prancer, it was just so uncanny they could have been brothers. He has filled our hearts with his love for us and made the loss of our other babies easier to bear.