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Name: Mischa
Type: Dog
Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 9
Location: Bruin, PA
Owner: Stephani


Food: Sam's choice filet mignon pouches and Purina One
Toy: tuggy rope
Person: my mommy
Trick: none, I'm too much of a diva to do tricks


Nicknames: Mischie
Pet Peeves: not getting undivided attention
More: Hi, I'm Mischa. I'm a black pomeranian and am the baby of my family. I am spoiled rotten and am only happy when getting my own way. I graduated obedience school, but only respond to basic commands. Mommy calls me a Diva, but I just think I'm a princess. I love to play with our kitties, but they think I play too rough. Especially the little kitty. It's my way or nothing!