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Name: Max
Type: Cat
Breed: Ragamuffin
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2007
Weight: 13
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Jamie


Food: Fancy Feast Appetizer, Salmon flavor
Toy: balls, twist ties, and my fingers under the covers!
Person: me of course!
Trick: when I talk to him, he "talks" back! Lucky me!


Nicknames: Bubby
Pet Peeves: when he starts eating the Cherrios out of MY bowl as I go to the refrigerator to get milk!
More: I found my Max at the Western PA Humane Society in Feb. of 2008. My beloved cat Samantha had died and I was in search of TWO companion cats; for me and eachother. I adopted him and his cage mate, Sophie, that day. The cats had been at the shelter for 13 days. On the 15th day they would have been euthanized.... He is the SWEETEST cat on earth and I just love my boy!