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Shorty, Odie & Casper Mix 'n Match Shorty here, I'm the 14 y/o spunky, flirty one. Odie (12) is the sweet, sensitive one. And Casper (14)? Let's just say he and I will be the ones pushing Odie out of the way to get to your lap! But, heh-heh, I'm getting ahead of myself. After 10 years together, we find ourselves in need of a loving home - probably a child-free one at that, given our sensitive senior status. We can stay together (all for one, one for all!), or we can go our separate ways. In fact, Odie and I are currently living it up at SHS's Healdsburg Center while Casper is doing his own thing at their Santa Rosa location. Single us out, or, if you're the type of person who dreams of having three quirky-sweet amigos vying for your affections, bring us all home! Visit Sonoma Humane Society 5345 Hwy 12 West, SR. Open Daily from 12-6pm. /542-0882 Locally Founded-Locally Funded

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