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Name: Scruffy
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2011
Weight: 9
Location: pilot, VA
Owner: Lisa


Food: Anything put in front of him.
Toy: Anything that moves, specially a foot walking past him.
Person: Actually his best buddy is a Great Dane named Blue
Trick: Bring in the house a live mouse and letting it go!


Nicknames: Scruff Man
Pet Peeves: being woken up from a nap he always grumbles.
More: Scruffy was found in a box on our door stop late August 2011 He was only 6 weeks old, full of fleas and maggots and two vets agreed he probally wouldn't survive. He was 3 months old before we even could tell he was a male because the maggots had caused such swelling in that area it was impossible to tell until then. He is now a healthy 11 month old cat who has more energy then should be allowed in a cat.

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