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Labrador Retriever $400.00 11/20/2014
High Springs, FL
LAB PUPPIES, chocolate and black, health certificates, girls, beautiful and healthy, English lines, approved homes only $400 352 575 7329 ... More
Yorkshire Terrier N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
Extremely stunning Teacups with baby doll faces and Tiny toys. I have three absolutely stunning litters of teacup Yorkies and 2 litters of tiny ... More
Pomeranian N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
Gorgeous puppies with adorable teddy bear faces. OMG!!!! their coats are just incredible. Puppies are absolutely stunning. Available in different colors. They are guaranteed ... More
Poodle N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
If you are looking for a classy puppy then look no further than the Poodle. They are an elegant breed with a nice personality, ... More
Shih Tzu N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
Look at these amazing puppies. Aren't they just the cutest puppies ever?? They have a nice temperament, beautiful coats, short legs, and cute faces. ... More
English Bulldog N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
OMG!!!! This breed is absolutely adorable. They come in different colors and markings. They enjoy their food as much as they enjoy to sleep. ... More
French Bulldog N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
The most adorable French Bulldog puppies. Short legs, gorgeous face, beautiful heads, and outstanding markings. Very nice personalities. Available in different colors such as ... More
Chihuahua N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
These are by far the cutest most adorable puppies on the face of the earth .. they have the sweetest temperament and represent the ... More
Boston Terrier N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
These are very special dogs with stunning markings and personalities. They come in black/white, seal/white, chocolate/white, blue/white (very rare), and brindle/white. They are playful ... More
Pug N/A 11/18/2014
Hollywood, FL
This is a fun breed and they are always doing something to keep a smile on your face. They have short legs, chunky and ... More
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