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Name: Meeka
Type: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Gender: Female
Year Born: 2006
Weight: 12
Location: Webster, MA
Owner: Brenna


Toy: straw
Person: me
Trick: can give her paw on demand like a dog


More: Meeka is an all white, long haired deaf cat. Since she can't hear she is not afraid of much and she can concentrate on things much better than a hearing cat. It's mostly sight with her. She's a special cat! Very playful and funny.
There's a bird (cardinal) that sits on one of our windowsills practially every morning. The windows are tinted so it can't see in. Meeka will sit on the sill and watch that bird. I wonder what she's thinking....
And I'm embarrassed to admit I'm not quite sure what year she was born. It's either 2006-2007. boo...

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